How do I explain a criminal record from 10 years ago to a potential employer?

It’s a felony conviction for recklessly endangering safety while armed. I haven’t been in trouble since August of 1997.

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12 Responses to How do I explain a criminal record from 10 years ago to a potential employer?

  1. mt_ski says:

    Why would you even try to explain? Just lie about it, they probably won’t do a background check.

  2. emucompboy says:

    Explain that you don’t own or carry weapons any more.

  3. brus6286 says:

    well, be like “I was young and Dumb” Honest, truth and it’s not too detailed.

  4. Diane M says:

    Just be honest and say that you did something really stupid when you were younger, learned your lesson and have not been in any trouble since them.

  5. jo.rogers72 says:

    Don’t volunteer the information unless they ask for it. My company asks if you have been convicted of a crime in the last 7 years. It doesn’t specify felony and my background check does turn up misdemeanor crimes and even charges that were dismissed.

    If they ask about your background for the last 10 years, be honest and give them a brief explanation of the circumstances and point out that you haven’t been in trouble since. If they don’t ask about it, don’t volunteer the info. With the exception of the Government, very few people go back that far.

  6. DR says:

    You have two options: Tell them about it and they may not care or you can lie. You may not have to explain. Most companies do a background check that only goes back so far. Some go two years some up to seven. Unless this is a job that requires a security clearance they probably only go back couple of years. The farther they go back the more it costs.

    Good Luck!!!

  7. vanessa w says:

    i wouldn’t bother. that was 10 years ago. they just want someone who knows how to do their job. most people who’ve been in trouble before are looking for a way back on track anyway. you haven’t done anything for 10 years, most likely you’ve thought about it and realized that you want something better out of life. everyone goes over the edge, some of us handle it very badly (maybe that’s you), but none the less, it happens to the best of us. lesson learned!!!! and you’ve grown up a hundred years for the experience. much wiser, much more honest and apparently you have a desire to live your life as an open book now. well done. if that employer can’t see the fantastic potential and wonderful asset he has in you, then move on. you don’t want to work somewhere where you’re not appreciated anyway. that sort of stress is going to eventually lead to trouble. but as i said before, i really wouldn’t bring it up. unless they do.

  8. Mona says:

    If it asked you on the application ‘have you ever been convicted of a felony?’ there’s a good chance they may want you to collaborate and then again maybe the won’t. If they ask tell the truth as you did here. Good luck!

  9. Perry J says:

    Say that you held up the the last place that didn’t hire you….J/K, more than likely, you won’t have to worry about things, the backgroud check probably doesn’t go back that far.

  10. charlsome says:

    Tell the employer everything and that you’re on a clean slate bringing your guarantor’s letter, either from the police or warden if convicted. The fact is…. “it’s just your word against his” best of luck.

  11. G-gal says:

    Stick to the truth it’s the best way. Don’t make excuses own that you made a mistake and have learned from it. If it’s been that long most employers will take that into consideration. If you try to cover it up you will do far more harm to your career.

  12. Judy says:

    Don’t bring it up, but if for some reason it comes up, say just what you said in your question, that it was over 10 years ago and you haven’t been in trouble since then.

    Good luck.

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